In our processes, forms and methods remain traditional but with the highest controls, applying the latest technologies in control of hygiene, quality and processing the our product.

There are several aspects to be consider when we develope the different varieties of cheeses. Although they follow the same pattern of health control and quality of raw material, they differ in several aspects:

  • Type of Milk:
    Sheep and goat milk.
  • Type of Rennet:
    We use natural rennet lamb, crafted as did our ancestors.
  • Treatment type of milk:
    Pasteurization or Raw.
  • Type and times of curing:
    Half cured, cured soft and in oil.

The varieties of these issues outlined above makes for a totally difference in flavour of the product. To that end, Quesería Antón Carrera, covers a wide range of products to reach the widest range of customers who can enjoy a product of the highest quality and unique flavour.

Quesería Antón Carrera establishes that any cheese that we do not want for ourselves, we do not want for our customers.